About Webex Meeting Center

Webex Meeting Center is Fielding's synchronous, web-based collaboration environment. The Webex platform combines real-time desktop sharing with VOIP or telephone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while in the meeting.

Webex Meeting Center offers support for multiple simultaneous webcam feeds displayed in high quality, 640x360 resolution video.

Attendees don't need to be WebEx subscribers to join an online meeting.

Attendees can pass meeting control to one another to let others present information or to allow someone to control a remote desktop. This allows attendees to deliver presentations, show documents, or demonstrate any application.

Attendees can brainstorm in real time to create and refine ideas.

You may record your WebEx sessions for reference, review, or reuse. A link to your recording will be made available to you on your WebEx site for your own access. You can send the link out to others if you'd like to share

WebEx is a web-based service, so you can use it from any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Solaris) -- as well as from your iPhone, Blackberry, or any other WiFi or 3G-enabled mobile device. There's no complicated installation. Just log into your WebEx account to start or schedule a session. 

If you want to learn more about Webex, please go to the Training Center that is available to the Fielding community by clicking on the Training Center tab when you go to Fielding's Webex Meeting Center .