About Moodle

Moodle is Fielding's structured online learning support system. We are in the process of implementing Moodle for Fielding programs and continuing education offerings that would benefit from a structured learning environment.

To Fielding students: Need help? Email your concern to support@fielding.edu.

To Fielding faculty: A Moodle account has been created for you along with a "sandbox" for you to explore putting together a seminar or course in the environment. Contact moodle@fielding.edu for your login information. In addition, regular training is offered. Please contact
moodle@fielding.edu for the schedule of offerings.

To Fielding staff: Fielding's Moodle site is open for pilot courses or projects. If you would like an account and a "course shell" for your project, please email moodle@fielding.edu and provide your name and the purpose of your project.

Moodle is an internationally well-known, open source learning support system. Moodle was designed to support a social constructionist model of education. For more information about Moodle, please go to the following link: moodleDocs.