Login / Quicklink page

The Login / Quicklink page at http://login.fielding.edu has been created as the first stage in our move to single sign on and portal capability. When that project is complete, this link will take you to a login window that will give you access to multiple applications with only a single sign on. We expect to have that capability in the next 6 to 12 months.

You will find updates here as that project moves along.

Every link on the Login / Quicklink page is set to open in a new tab if you are using a Firefox, Chrome, or Opera browser. 

If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, the links will open a new browser window - this is due to the difference in the way those browsers handle link requests.

In addition, on IE9, you will get a security warning because we have page sources that are both http and https. If you click NO, you will get the entire login page. If you click YES, all non-https material will be blocked (RSS feeds, some icons, etc.) .

On the Login / Quicklink page, you will see that there are links to the various application platforms and resources that are available to the Fielding community. Please explore them - you may find some that you have previously not known about. The question mark on each link will take you to a page with some additional information about the application platform or resource referenced by the link.

You will also see that there are links that allow you to provide information about projects you are involved in as well as your various notable accomplishments. Please use those to provide information that we can use to publicize you and Fielding.

You will also see a News & Announcements section in which news and announcements from Fielding will be posted. This will include news releases and information from various administrative offices at Fielding.

Finally, you will see a Research @ Fielding section in which announcements of dissertation completion, research accomplishments, publications, grant funding opportunities, and all the other research related information we gather will be posted.

Enjoy, check this page for updates, and please send suggestions for resources and additional features to support@fielding.edu putting Login Page in the subject line.