About the Library

Fielding Graduate University's Library Services are designed to fit the university's learning and operational models and are, therefore, completely virtual. There is no central, traditional physical library. And since one of the basic premises of Fielding is that learning is a life-long activity and does not end when students receive their graduate degree, an important goal of Fielding Graduate University Library Services is to promote information competency by teaching learners to be(come) self-sufficient in selecting and utilizing information resources. Thus, the mission of Fielding Graduate University Library Services is to help students and faculty find the information they need for their academic pursuits, learning, teaching, and research, at Fielding.

Library resources support graduate-level study in the areas of clinical psychology, neuropsychology, human & organizational development, and education. Online resources include full text journal articles, ebooks, dissertations, and more. 

If you have a question for or about Library Services, please Ask A Librarian* or send email to library@fielding.edu.